Important Things To Know About Scaffolding In Sydney

Any kind of job that requires you or someone else to work at heights means that safety measures need to be taken to protect you and/or them from harm. Needless to say, working with tools and heavy materials at a high altitude carries with it a large array of obvious, and not-so-obvious risks. If you are doing this kind of work anywhere around metropolitan New South Wales, it’s likely you’ll be speaking to a provider of commercial scaffolding in Sydney.

Of course, scaffolding in Sydney comes in all different shapes and sizes with regards to what systems you can hire and what rules there are for using them. The following will go into detail about what you need to understand about making safe and effective use of commercial platforming.


1.   There are special qualifications for erecting and inspecting it

When it comes to the safe use of scaffolding in Sydney, there are special qualifications that need to be acquired before someone is allowed to legally supervise the erection and maintenance of any kind of temporary construction platforming. Because of how intricate and dangerous these systems can be, a dedicated safety and inspection officer is needed on any jobsite where this kind of equipment is intended to be used.

Without a safety officer presiding over your scaffolding in Sydney, you are 1) breaking the law and 2) putting yourself, your workers and your project at risk. Don’t be an idiot – always go through the proper channels and never cut corners when it comes to securing this kind of platforming for your jobsite.


2.   The danger is not just from falling

While the most obvious danger of using scaffolding in Sydney is someone falling from it, there are many other dangers that need to be prepared for so they can be avoided. For example, one of the biggest causes of death on construction sites is when something like a hammer falls from a platform and, due to the enhanced velocity granted to it by gravity, will instantly kill someone if it hits them in the head. Even with helmets and safety gear, absolute care needs to be taken by everyone using the platforming at all times.

Also, there have been deaths reported from situations when a set of scaffolding in Sydney has collapsed due to mismanagement and someone cutting corners on inspection. Even when everyone is using the platform correctly, the negligence of someone else can put all of their lives at risk.

This is why its imperative when using scaffolding in Sydney that absolutely all checks have been done and that no corners are ever cut for the sake of convenience. You also need to make sure that you and all your workers are versed in how to operate the platforming safely and how to report problems they encounter.


3.   They come in many varieties

There is not just one kind of scaffolding in Sydney but many different varieties such as those with wheels for easily moving around and ones with extra wide space for multiple workers to operate on. Make sure you do your research and only hire the kind of platforming you know you are going to need for the job.

Hopefully the above gives you more insight on using scaffolding in Sydney no matter what kind of job it is for.